Do you need Help Optimizing your Adwords keyword bids?

Computers can beat humans at chess. They can fly planes, and drive cars. New York Website Design Center built a computer program to beat humans at setting Adwords keyword bids. Would you like to use it?

Over the last few years, we saw numerous clients creating Adwords campaigns, and setting keyword bids based on their gut instincts. New York Website Design Center decided that there must be a better way. As computer engineers and owners of a website development firm; we decided to use math to solve the problem.

We spent the last 10 months living at the office, building a set of computer programs to optimize our Adwords campaign. It worked. Our own cost per conversion dropped from $18 to
$11 over the last 15 months.  If you’d like, we would be more then happy to take a look at your Adwords campaign.  We think we can improve the return on your Adwords investment by at least 30-50%.

We won’t give you a high pressure sales pitch, and who knows… Maybe we’ll be able to help you generate quite a bit more revenue from your Adwords account. Give us a call this week to go over your campaign? It will only take 15 minutes of your time. Contact us today.

Posted on: June 8, 2016, by : NY Website Design Center