Professional Saas & Ecommerce Business Plan Writers

Need a Business plan for your online venture? We can help! what started by Nick, a business school graduate with extensive experience in business plan writing.  Since 2009 he has written business plans for New York city & State businesses and residents. Not just a business plan writer or website designer; he is also an Internet entrepreneur running over a dozen successful online business ranging from professional services to the sale of consumer goods. This means when you get a business plan done from us here at New York Website Design Center you get a thorough, well thought out and complete business plan to guide your efforts or attract financing (if that’s your goal).

What types of online businesses benefit from having a business plan written?

In general all types of businesses benefit from having a business plan or action plan for their business.  More specifically online businesses, most of which are new to the internet, can benefit by having a established direction for their online marketing efforts and web development.


SAAS Business Plans

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry and it shows no signs of stopping.  Many mobile applications and websites now hosts a full turnkey solution for various tasks that was previously provided by people. Software is truly eating the world. Having a business plan for your SaaS business it’s critical to make sure you, your team and any potential investors or partners fully understand what you are trying to accomplish with your SaaS business model.  And it helps to have someone develop your business plan who has not only written hundreds of business plans for clients but also understands the SaaS model(s).


Ecommerce Business Plans

The world of eCommerce is now a 1 trillion dollar industry. If you have an online store or marketplace and are looking to expand or lay out your idea or strategy, then a business plan is the way to do it. Regardless of whether you are working on eBay or Amazon or have your own Shopify store or Volusion store… an ecommerce business plan will present your future vision in a neat fashion.  And eCommerce is bigger then just the before mentioned websites.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are now giving users the option to sell products and services off of their social media profiles. Also aggregators such as BigCommerce now allow businesses to scale their eCommerce operations with very little efforts. Hiring our team to write your eCommerce business plan does more than just put your idea on paper. It gives you a professional to act as a soundboard for your ideas and add intelligent tactics and strategy to your plan.


How long are business plans?

We have several options for the length of your business plan depending on how much research is needed and how in-depth we need to get with the financial projections.   Generally business plans range from a small pitch (8 pages), to a full solid plan (15 pages), to extensive research plans which can be up to 30 pages ++ (including appendixes).


How much does it cost to research & develop a full business plan for my ecommerce or SAAS website or mobile app?

A full list of the prices for a variety of business plans can be found here full list of the prices for a variety of business plans can be found here and range from $250-$1000+(See our business plan pricing for ecommerce & SaaS business plans: new-york-saas-ecommerce-business-plan-writing-prices )


If You are ready to have us put together a five-star business plan, written specifically for your online business then, contact us today.
Posted on: January 9, 2017, by : NY Website Design Center