Our Process

Our process is simple.  We have an initial introductory phone call, which usually last between 15-20 minutes) to see if we are a good fit for you and your future project. Then our team will send you a follow-up email with a description of all the work to be done, a timeline for the project and an optional invoice for the cost of the work.  When you are ready and if you accept the terms in the email, you simply pay the invoice, and we get started in our agreed upon timeline.


We get to know & understand your project well in our first consultation and assure that no payments are made until we clearly understand the objective of our clients.  For example, for clients whom we are developing websites we work through our proprietary New York Website Design Center Website Development Questionnaire and our clients know exactly what to expect before they retain us.  Website design, like many projects online, is a collaborative effort and we seek to make our clients online vision a reality.


Many of our clients are seeking social media managers for their business.  Our on-demand monthly social media manager packages make sure that social media accounts and blogs are active and responsive; producing micro content and interacting with followers and members of your social media to drive potential customers to your product or service.


Ready to talk shop about your project?  Contact us today.