E-Commerce Solutions

Today, people expect to buy their goods and services online. If your website’s online payment portal is weak, unreliable or completely absent, your business is losing out on sales.  Moreover, if your business is not leveraging the Internets slew of online marketplaces or social commerce-you’re behind.


We can:

  • Help you understand the which of the many online Point Of Sale applications available today makes sense for your business

  • Integrate your preferred payment gateway into a shopping cart on your site

  • Show you where the customer information is stored and accessed, so that you end up with a database full of customer insights

  • Cost Effectively scale your online presence over serveral marketplaces

  • Implement Social Commerce Practices

This means that…You can rely on NewYorkWebsiteDesignCenter.com’s expertise as you move your business online, and increase your sales. Contact us today to discuss your project.